I have to say that I have been searching for pastured eggs for a long time. I eat 3 yolks a day, following the Perfect Health Diet, so I’ve tasted a lot of yolks. Yours are best by far. I noticed the eggs are smaller, probably due to the fact they are eating what they are supposed to. The flavor is MUCH better than even organic eggs, and they don’t bother my stomach like others do. Keep it up! 🙂
Helena Wolfe

I purchase your eggs from Healthy Living Cafe in Wilton, NY.
They are wonderful eggs and I thank you for raising such good quality food.
David Vredenburg

I’ve been to the farm several times now. Everything is clean and perfectly well maintained. The cows look healthy, clean, happy and bright eyed.
Sara1 Wanaselja

John, my many thanks for the outstanding turkey that you sent me.
Absolutely delicious, and made even more so knowing the care and passion that went into growing them.
A huge hit.
Very Best,

We are just finishing up our organic turkey from your farm. From packaging to taste, it did not disappoint! It cooked up perfectly and was the highlight of our feast. We will definitely purchase your turkeys and products again!

Turkey was delicious!!!!!

Best turkey we ever had!!!
Patricia Grande

By the way my turkey may have been our best turkey ever!! Thanks 🙂
Danielle Weidmann LexAve CSA

I will be a loyal customer because of your excellent products , customer service and communications skills!
 Penny Arcade

Hi there. I had one of your fresh turkeys for thanksgiving, preordered through Berkshire Coop. Delicious!
Barbara Bockbrader

My family and I love the Milk, eggs, chicken, and turkey products we get from your farm!
Travis, Sabrina, Kiara, and Traedon Simpson!!

Well Thanksgiving was a success.  I was very invested in the cooking it right this year since I know your turkeys are special.  I also said a little prayer late at night to thank the turkey since it is a huge thing to have this gigantic beast in our fridge and part in are bellies.  I think the 8 lb. would be fine next year unless the famdamily arrived.
The meat was gamier.  Not in the sense of a duck or moose just butchered in the back yard, but definitely gamier.  And I think that is a good thing.  the meat is not as dry and white and I am a fan of dark slippery meat so it was a good fit for us.  My daughter is like a wild creature tearing off the skin which she quickly devored even though I told her it helps keep in the juices.
I am really amazed at the difference between this and the morning glory/whole foods/ or other Turkeys we always prided ourselves in getting the good/freest range, organic meats.  But this was in a category all it’s own.  I think it reminds me of when I bought duck eggs and tried them in leu of chicken and they where just more mucky and gamey compared to the chicken.  I was surprised.  The turkey like that but in a good way all in all.
We will be getting our turkey from you from now on.  I really don’t know how you do it.  Really amazes me when farmers pull these small miracles out of their farms and manage to ship fresh birds all over and what a mad house it must of been.
From our house to yours. thanks for being an amazing farmer.
thanks:    Kara, Katalena and Lowen Hume

I am allergic to soy and avoid it at all coats. I was not able to eat eggs for 15 years because when the chickens are fed soy the eggs cause me great dietary issues. I am so greatfull that I found Hidden Camp farms and can enjoy eggs again.

 I have been buying your chicken and eggs for the past month from sunflower natural foods in Woodstock and it’s really good stuff, thanks for doing things the right way, I appreciate it.
Best, joe venditti


I have cooked MANY turkeys over the years and this year I had the BEST turkey ever from your farm purchased from Healthy Living Markets.  PLEASE say you will continue to serve the Capital Region!
Deb Shea



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