Certified Organic Pastured Turkey


Look no further for pastured, organic turkey for your holiday table. Lean, nutritious and versatile, turkey is an American staple during harvest time. We believe this celebratory bird should be raised the old-fashioned way, on pasture and with time. No growth hormones, GMO’s or antibiotics are used on Hidden Camp Farm. Fresh air, sunshine and room to roam are our preferred methods of keeping our animals healthy.

Pre-ordering holiday turkey is a must. The size range our birds can be ordered are 8-16 lbs. Larger sizes may be available. Birds are available while supplies last every year, and orders are taken on a first come, first served basis. We pride ourselves on raising natural, great-tasting turkey. All you have to do is make the switch to pastured poultry to know you’ve found something truly nourishing for your family. Call John and Ruth King at 518-673-3611 or email hiddencampfarm@gmail.com to inquire about seasonal pricing and to place your order today.







2015-09-21 11.01.35


2015-09-21 11.01.16

2015-09-21 11.01.07




How To Cook a Hidden Camp Farm Organic Pastured Turkey


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