John Was Named Farmer of the Week By CORBINHILL Food Project

WEEK 20: October 28-29, 2014
FARMER of the week: 

John King, Hidden Camp Farm

Hidden Camp Farm, located in Canajoharie, is one of our egg and turkey producers and the home of John King, his wife Ruth, and their five children. One of a number of Amish farmers who provide for Corbin Hill, the Kings hail originally from Lancaster County, Pa., but moved to upstate New York eight years ago. In 2009, they bought an old farmplace and now raise 2,500 turkeys that roam on 12 acres of pasture, spending nights under structures such as the one shown above. The Kings pride themselves on giving their birds an organic feed, alongside organic wheat grown on the farm, which the turkeys eat in addition to bugs they find in the fields — because, John says, bugs provide “good protein.” The King children — Daniel, Fannie Mae, Linda, Leon and Lillian, who range in age from 15 years to 1 year old — are integral to work, as the older ones are expected to pitch in. “My son and I spent two nights sleeping in the fields,” said John, after a fox caught and killed 15 turkeys. “Then we got a sheepdog that’s up with them now.” Producing for Corbin Hill: Eggs, turkey. Recent news: The turkeys John is raising for Corbin Hill will be delivered the last week of the Summer Farm Share (November 18-19) and will come with gizzards included. Get yours this week in our Web Store!

Purchase your Thanksgiving turkey pronto! Only 80 are available, and they’re being sold first-come, first-served in our Web Store. The Web Store is open each week starting the morning after your Farm Share delivery until each Thursday at 4 p.m.: WEB STORE LINK. Turkeys are available in two weight ranges and will be delivered frozen and ready for your holiday oven.

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