Welcome to Hidden Camp Farm


Hidden Camp Farm, owned and operated by the King Family, sits on 140 acres of lush rolling farmland in quiet upstate New York offering their products in stores and on the farm.

Founded in the spring of 2009, the farm derives its name from the 1930’s original camp-site fireplace & chimney discovered in the woods by their children. The Kings run a full-scale organic dairy with a small herd of over 50 happy Jersey cows. Their milk goes into neighboring Maple Hill Creamery’s delicious, full-fat, cream-on-top, European style yogurt (www.maplehillcreamery.com).

Since 2011, the Kings have also offered certified organic turkey, and certified organic, soy-free eggs, certified organic duck eggs, certified organic meat chickens and certified organic produce. They believe in farming the old fashioned way…all natural!!!











1 Response to Welcome to Hidden Camp Farm

  1. Larraine K Lapinsky says:

    I enjoy all of your dairy products and agree with your farming methods thank you so much for your availability on all your products

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